Siddhant Goel


I'm a software developer and entrepreneur based in Munich, Germany. I've spent slightly more than a decade working with the Python ecosystem, so most of the code I write tends to be written in Python.

As of May 2020 I work as a senior backend engineer at a startup called Agrando, where we're helping the agriculture sector using software. Prior to joining Agrando, I was the CTO and Co-founder at HomeFox where I worked on building project management platforms for managing real-estate work.

In my spare time, I curate Developer to Manager and maintain a bunch of open-source projects (mostly Python).

In the past I've worked at companies including Slideshare, Skoobe, 42reports, and TrustYou.


The best way to get in touch with me is via email at

The only web presence I maintain is Github and LinkedIn. I'm not too active on social media channels though, mostly because I either don't understand them or don't find them useful anymore.